Landing Page Reboot: My Client's Webinar Signups Sucked
So I Made Lemonade

increase your webinar signups

Imagine that you create the perfect webinar (or so you think), but no one signs up.

That’s right. Crickets. Zip. Zero. Zilch sign-ups.

I’m embarrassed to admit it but I’ve been there before and so had my client Carol Ann (until we made some minor edits to her latest webinar last week).

Carol Ann is an amazing Visibility Strategist and Branding Expert with nearly 25 years of experience, needless to say, she’s amazing at what she does. But, her prospective webinar attendees were getting the message.

And to make matters worse, she’d only had 3 sign-ups over a five day period. YIKES.

She was doing all the right stuff (and had implemented everything we’d discussed) including Facebook ads, social media, emailing her list, leveraging affiliates and posting to webinar directories).

I offered to help her explore this further after I returned from vacation and what I discovered might surprise you.

Landing Page Reboot: The Findings

I reviewed her funnel and discovered that her ads were doing their job. They were getting traffic to the landing page, but when potential attendees landed on the registration page...they weren’t signing up. 

Turns out she was having a copy issue.

We weren’t able to do a complete overhaul. We’d lose too time and disappoint her subscribers, which wasn’t an option. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the three things that I did to improve her conversions:

1. Audit, Test & Tweak Your Landing Page Title. 

The first thing I examined was her title/headline.  

Here’s the old title.

Can you spot what's wrong with this title?

Wordy itle

The first title was too long. Subscribers prefer clean, simple and concise headlines. It’s ok to be clever and witty just as long as you know that there is a time and place for that. 

This is particularly important if you plan on using your webinar title as your facebook ad headline. If you’re going after cold leads, it’s more important to get them in your virtual door rather than give them a riddle they may lead them to your competitor's doorstep.

Low Headline Score

CoSchedule rates headlines from 0 to 100. The lower the score the less likely people are to click on your link or engage with your event.

The original title had a very low headline score, of 43. Ouch. I typically like to use headlines with a score of 70 or above.

Actionable & Results-Orientated

The old title was clever but it was so wordy that potential registrants probably didn’t bother to read the entire thing. #sorrynotsorry

Here's the new title.

Here's the new title.

The new title is concise and has a headline score of 74 which means it’s more likely to resonate with Carol Ann’s target market. Thus, they are more likely to click to learn more or even sign-up for a webinar with that title. 

The new headline is concise. The 'how to' lets attendees know that it’s going to be actionable and they can expect to learn how to use branding to attract high-end clients. It also focuses on her ideal client’s chief reasoning behind rebranding.

Most people come to Carol Ann because she’s an expert at what she does and because she knows how to help her clients create stand-out brands that help them get noticed and attract high-end clients with ease.

2. Create mouth-watering bullet points.

As they were written, the old bullet points wouldn’t motivate anyone to take action. 

They needed a refreshed. When I was crafting new bullets, I focused on creating intrigue and honing in on the key results her ideal clients desired results.

3. Infuse Story Within Your invitation Emails.

Though I was sure that I’d found the true cause of her poor conversions, I wanted to make sure I looked at the entire picture so I looked at her invitation emails, more than 180 people had opened the first message in the first few hours but they weren’t rushing to sign-up. 

I analyzed her copy and realized that it fell flat because it came off as cold, impersonal and dull. It didn’t sound like Carol Ann. She’s very warm and inclusive when it comes to sharing details with her community.

Did you know that email invitations are responsible for 58-64% of webinar registrations, compared to social media and search, at about 15%?

I took her emails and ran them through the headline analyzer that we’d used for her webinar title. Once that was done I took a closer look at her emails.

Having attended her webinar (and after going through a pre-webinar run-through), I’d heard her story and knew exactly why she was on a mission to help her clients go from best kept secret to confident, profitable business owners.

After I tweaked her subject lines and added stories to her invitation emails, her sign-ups doubled in less than two days. (I’ll take that.)

Semonna knows her stuff when it comes to writing copy; in fact, when I felt that my webinar registration page wasn’t as “juicy” as it should be, she came up with a new title and bullet points and helped me pivot the focus of the event. As a result of her expertise and insight, I’ve already more than doubled the number of signups that I had before making her changes.
— Carol Ann, DeSimine. Visibility & Branding Expert, The Sizzle System

Another fun + successful client project comes to an end. I’m looking forward to watching Carol Ann’s business grow in the months and years ahead.

Congratulations, Carol Ann!

If you'd like to learn more about Carol Ann, visit her website here.

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4 Simple Income Producing Strategies That Busy Solopreneurs Can Implement Today

simple income producing strategies

4 Simple Income Producing Strategies That Busy Solopreneurs Can Implement Today

I don’t know one solopreneur who doesn’t want to make extra money in her business. 

While this is at the top of everyone’s wish list, the challenge is that most solopreneurs don’t know how to do it, or where to start. 

Many believe they need to create long group programs, and announce them to the world through big launches in order to get more clients and increase profits.

Luckily, this isn’t the only way to add extra income to your business. 

If you’re sick of launches or overwhelmed at the thought of creating a new product/program, check out these four proven ways to make extra income in your coaching or service-based business (without creating a product/service from scratch).

1. Become a Facilitator

There are many options available, just choose an industry and a topic; the opportunities are endless. 

Today I’m going to highlight International Best Selling Author, Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Workshop curriculum. This program allows coaches and healers to leverage their own expertise inside of her proven framework. 

As a facilitator, you can host as many or as few workshops as you would like, creating another revenue stream of limitless potential. And, as a facilitator, you receive done-for-you marketing materials to help make your events a success. 

Danielle LaPorte describes the Desire Map Licensing Program as a “(Soulful) Workshop-in-a-box.” Visit the Desire Map Licensing Program website to learn more. You can also read more about Kate Muker's experience here.

When you’re determining which program you want to facilitate, I recommend doing your due diligence to find a program that aligns with your mission and values. 

The next two tips highlight passive income opportunities. To clear up any misconceptions, I want to be really clear about what I mean by passive income. 

Passive income is defined as income received from repeatable systems and minimal effort. For instance, setting up one page on your website and making money if/when someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, based off your suggestion. Passive income is not defined as easy peezy, effortless income.

2. Become an affiliate and Sell Other People's products and programs

Love a program? Share it and get paid to do so. 

One of the most notable instances of this is probably Marie Forleo’s annual B-School launch. 

When Marie Forleo launches B-School, the universe knows it and every notable business coach and former student come out of the woodwork to show their support. And, I’ve heard that Marie offers a generous commission for sharing the news. 

If you’ve participated in a program in the past, reconnect with your mentor to see if he/she offers an affiliate program. I’m currently working my way through Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth course and she has a very generous affiliate program in place.

Regardless of your industry, if you’re looking for products or programs to promote, just think of your preferred tools of the trade. As a business coach, you may get asked how to start a website, and while it’s not your particular specialty, you could set up a blog post or resource page on your site where you share your favorite tools. 

Remember, while passive income doesn’t require you to create a product or program from scratch, It does require three things to be effective.


Don’t just promote stuff for the sake of promoting stuff. It’s fake and your subscribers will see through it. It’s better to create a content and/or promotional schedule around the products and programs that you want to promote.


Create your blog post, resource page or ebook to share your links. Pro tips: remember to disclose the fact that you’re using affiliate links and keep track of your links to regularly check for broken links.


Traffic is one of the hardest things to nail down as a new affiliate. This is why it’s so important to engage with your network beforehand.

Engagement = conversions (read: opened emails, liked posts, clicked links, etc).

You must identify how you want to promote your affiliate links in order to have an effective affiliate marketing campaign .

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your traffic come from promoting a popular post on Pinterest?
  • Will you focus on SEO and pull in organic traffic from Google?

3. Create your own affiliate program and share your own products

I talk to solopreneurs often and two of the most common obstacles that prevent them from creating an affiliate program are pricing and not knowing which tools to use.

I looked at over 13 affiliate marketing platforms and I’ve taken the guess work out of affiliate marketing. During my research, I also found some great free link tracking tools.

I've compiled everything I learned in an easy-to-read Google Spreadsheet and I'd love to share it with you.

Grab a copy of my Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms Comparison Cheat Sheet.

10 affiliate marketing tools

4. Join a network marketing company to supplement your income

If you’re a health coach, there’s a good chance you’re interested in holistic wellness, cleaning without chemicals, or promoting a lifestyle that allows you to live at your optimal weight and natural remedies. If that’s the case, I recommend partnering with a mlm that offers products that align with your mission and help your clients reach their goals. You also want to make sure you stand behind the products you’re sharing. 

Take me for an example, I’ve been on and off the wellness train a few times over the past few years. 

Last year, I had a pre-diabetic scare and it forced me to get it together. In that moment, I realized that drinking (1) green smoothie a few times a week and occasionally meeting the minimum requirement for my water intake wasn’t enough. I started taking Plexus to lower my blood sugar, improve my energy levels and lose weight nearly two weeks ago and I’m hooked (I even joined the company as an ambassador). 

I’m taking Plexus’ Triplex and if I were a health coach, I would certainly recommend Plexus Slim (the Pink Drink) to my clients looking to lose weight. I started using this supplement in December of 2015 and lost 18 pounds in less than three months. 

There are several coaches that are partnering with network marketing companies that complement their services. Kim Wilson Pollock is a health coach and author who supplements her services with Plexus products. Fitness coach, Jessica Vaughn, pairs her coaching with BeachBody’s Shakeology. And, The Whole Daily blogger, Alice Nicholls raves about doTERRA’s essential oils.

It's your turn

I’ve given you four simple options that you can use to create consistent cash infusions for your business. Pick one and get started.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of the Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms Comparison Cheat Sheet.

*Some of the links in this post are affiliates links. Please note: I am only sharing these products because I use and love them myself.*

How To Find
Creative Inspiration Everyday

find creative inspiration everyday
Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up
— Pablo Picasso

I didn't know how to find creative inspiration everyday.

Until recently, I didn’t actively seek out creative inspiration. In fact, I thought of it as an illusive, child-like superpower that I no longer possessed. 

I used to try to capture my inspirational moments and hold on to them, much like I’d chase fireflies in the summer as a child. I carried a little notebook everywhere I went. I used post-its in the bathroom. I’d scribble on a napkins. I’d use anything I could get my hands on to capture those fleeting moments.

Now, I’m more intentional. I look for inspiration throughout my day and I find it in the little things. 

Now, I make time for creative inspiration.

At my coach’s urging, I started setting aside 5-15 minutes a day to daydream about the person I want to become and the business I desire to create.

This practice has been life changing.

A Glimpse at My Daily Practice

I sit down (either in quiet or with calming music playing in the background) and I begin by thanking God for everything. I start small and thank Him that I am alive. 

If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

I find it helpful to begin with gratitude because this step helps me raise my vibration and it puts me in a better mood.

Then, I literally fantasize about the kind of mother I want to be, the types of clients I want to work with and how I want to feel in my relationship. (my roles as a mother and wife are intertwined with the business I am creating.)

I conclude this experience by asking God to open my eyes that I may see myself and my business as he sees them.

And, in doing so, my negative thoughts are typically  transformed.

Instead of thinking, “I can’t write,” or “No one wants to read my blog posts.” I believe, “I can do anything,” or “My posts transform lives.” Can you see the difference?

When I flip my mental script like this it’s easier for me to sit down and share my thoughts. It’s also easier for me to want to show up in my business and in life when operating at a higher vibration (when I’m joyful and optimistic).

My Top 3 Sources of Inspiration

I’ve found that music heals most ailments and is the single best way for me to raise my vibration and get into a better mood.


You can find my listening to some type of music throughout my day. Whether I’m listening to to improve my focus or jamming to my favorite mix. I created this playlist on Spotify to help me stay inspired. It’s filled with get your blood flowing uptempo tracks that are perfect for dance breaks and quieter inspirational tracks that help me become more grateful and joyful for all blessings in my life.


Sometimes the best inspiration is the absence of activity for me. I get so much energy from those moments when I’m not dwelling on how busy I am or when I’ll sign my next client.

Truth moment: I used to fall asleep every time I tried to meditate and I thought that something was wrong with me. If you can relate or you’re having trouble meditating, check out these resources.

Now that I’ve created an almost daily meditation practice, I’m able to quiet my mind just enough to receive divine inspiration. I typically rotate between walking meditation, guided meditation and good ol’ fashion stillness.

Books on business or personal development

When I’m not watching #TGIT, you can find me listening to or reading books. Right now, I’m making my way through Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Big Magic. This book gives oodles of inspiration on every page. I just started and I can’t recommend it enough. (I even included a few quotes in this post). Click on the image below to grab your copy.

I also have Mike Dooley’s, Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic on repeat on Audible. It’s my go-to on days when I have trouble staying inspired or days when that annoying voice in my head seems louder than my desire to be greater.

Plus, Two Unlikely Sources

Social Media

Truth moment: I’ve all but given up on social media. I know it’s super important to have an online presence but I’m not crazy about it. 

In fact, I routinely go on Facebook detoxes because sometimes my newsfeed looks more like an ongoing promo for glamorous vacations and/or paid ads and less like real people, leading real lives.

But, every once in awhile, I’ll see a quote that knocks my socks off or I’ll see one of my friends killing it in her biz and celebrating her first $5K month. 

In these real moments, I find inspiration. In these moments, I’m reminded of my uniqueness, my worth and my ongoing thirst for growth. 

In these moments, I’m reminded that behind our Facebook facaude or pretty IG photos, we’re all human. And, when I think of my friends success as an extension of my own, I experience joy and I realize that I am/we are not alone.

My Inbox

I know this is a weird one. I talk to business owners all the time and while many of them come to me to discuss email marketing services for their business, we often touch on their own disdain for email marketing and their dreaded inbox.

I get it. 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when your inbox is full and you have more messages than hours in the day.

But, I don’t see my inbox that way. I see my inbox as a constant source of inspiration. I often read other’s posts and think, ‘that was brilliant how can I flip it around and share it with my audience from the marketing angle’ or ‘she got it all wrong. People need to know the truth.’

In addition to gaining inspiration from the works of others, I also get inspired by testimonials from my past clients. I have a ‘smile’ folder in my inbox and anytime I need some quick inspiration, I look at the kind and grateful words of past clients.

Ideas of every kind are constantly galloping toward us, constantly pass through us, constantly trying to get our attention.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative Inspiration Fuels My Brand

When I’m inspired or curious, I’m more productive.

When I’m inspired, I cultivate & exude joy and a willingness to serve others.

When I’m inspired, I am confident and make bold moves. (I show up.)

When I’m inspired, I believe I can do anything and everybody wins. (Bye bye mommy guilt. Hello -work/life balance.)

When I am inspired, I surrender my desire to control the how’s and get super comfortable with the unknown. And, I believe that everything I am and everything I do has a bigger purpose. 

When I surrender...that’s when the magic happens.

This post has been a part of White Oak Creative’s Design to Grow Link-up. Check out the original post. I am honored to be joined by so many talented creatives. Take a moment to check out their posts using the links below.

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I hope you've enjoyed this post. Leave a comment and let me know how you're finding creative inspiration in your life and biz daily.

This post contains affiliate links for products that I love and use. I wouldn’t recommend them otherwise. :)

Big decisions + Bigger Changes

I’ve always believed I was meant for great things.

I blame my grandmother. She convinced me that I could do anything.

As I sit here, typing this post, I’m reminded of my former self. Little Semonna was filled with so many hopes and dreams (hell, I was convinced that I was meant to change the world).

After a while, my mind confused ‘I’m meant for great things’ with ‘Be great at everything you do.’

So, I did just that. I obsessed about learning everything I could about internet marketing.

Then, I hid it from the world.

Like a toddler on her first playdate, I refused to share my gifts.

Instead, I convinced myself that sharing bite-sized morsels of my skills was the only way to help others or be great.

That was fine for a while, but like a caged bird, I found myself restless and wanting more.

The Real Reason I Started Blogging


When I first started my VA business three years ago, I didn’t think I needed to blog. 

I had an endless supply of referrals. I was making more money than I had made working 50-60 hours a week at my corporate job and life was good.

The referrals came from every direction: friends, past clients, strategic partners, etc. And, as I noticed that more and more people were referring business my way, I found myself more and more in love with this business model.

Who needs to blog when you’ve got clients on tap? (or so I thought.)

5 Reasons To Make List Building A Priority

Are you on the fence about growing your list?

It can be hard to figure out why you need to build your list, especially if you have an abundance of clients. You may have questions like…

  • How can I make time for list building?
  • Why should I care about list building?
  • How will building my list affect my bottom line? I've got clients.

These questions come up all the time as I’m working with my clients, and I always walk them through a simple worksheet of potential results of successful list builders. Below, I’ve shared five of them to challenge any outstanding excuses/limitations/doubts you may have about growing your list.

How To Attract The RIGHT Subscribers

You’ve been led to believe that if you create a lead magnet, subscribers will come from near and far to join your list.

That’s not true.

And, it’s not enough to attract the right subscribers.

The truth is people will join (and leave) your list for a number of reasons and the best way to ensure that more stay than leave is by using a technique called ‘targeting.’