5 Emails Your Business Should Be Sending If You Want More Clients

5 Email Your Business Should Be Sending If You Want More Clients

Want clients to come to you?

Of course, you do. (That was a trick question.)

But, are you using your best asset to get new clients in the door?

This study from McKinsey & Co shows that email marketing converts better than Facebook and Twitter combined. As a business owner who uses email marketing to promote your knowledge, products, and services, you have the right (no, the permission) to invite your community to work with you.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Examples? Confirmation that this will work for your business?

I’ve got you covered.  I’ve gathered examples of five emails that you can send your list to get more clients in the door.

Spots Available

You can use this email in one of two ways, depending on your business model. You can send an email to your community indicating that you’re accepting discovery calls or you can indicate that you’re looking for clients and share your rates, as Crissy Herron from Indiebizchicks does in the example below.

Source: Crissy Herron of Indiebizchicks.com

Why this works: It’s direct. No need to read between the lines. No need to fill out a questionnaire or hop on a call. If you’re looking for a VA and it meets your budgeting needs, then you’re likely going to hit the buy button at the bottom of the email and grab some hours.

Types of businesses that could benefit from using this email: Service-based entrepreneurs or anyone offering coaching, consulting or done-for-you services.

Why Didn't You Buy

Want to capture more sells after your launch? Use this email.

For this to work, you'll need to have an email marketing system that allows you to tag and/or segment your subscribers like ConvertKit (affiliate link). It will allow you to survey your list to determine why they didn't buy.

I've been studying Bryan Harris of Video Fruit for a few years now and he uses this technique after each launch.

Source: Bryan Harris,

Why this works: It helps you determine which objections and/or pain-points your copy or marketing missed. And, when done correctly, it can even promote down-sell.
A down-sell is an offer that’s priced at a lower price point than the original offer.

Types of businesses that could benefit from using this email: This is great for solo and infopreneurs who offer a paid e-course or group program.

What do you want

'If you build it, they will come.' That's one of the biggest myth about entrepreneurship. 

The truth is, in most cases, they won't just come. If you want people to find your website, you have to put your website/brand out there and create a simple yet consistent traffic-generating marketing plan.

If you want sales, need to figure out what your community wants. If you don't know, ask them. You can do this using a survey or you can ask a question and invite people to reply.

If you have a product idea you want to validate, you can ask your list about that offer exclusively like Melissa Pharr of MelissaPharr.com does in the example below.

Source: Melissa Pharr, MelissaPharr.com

Why this works: It’s a great way to validate an idea or potential offering. Asking your community what they want creates a co-creation process. It also you to hear their top challenges first-hand.

Once in hand, you can take this information and create copy that converts browsers into buyers - faster + easier.

Types of businesses that could benefit from using this email: Product and service-based businesses. 

Here's How I Can Help. (Including Case Studies or Testimonials).

This email is particularly helpful when you’ve switched directions or if you offer a lot of different services. If the latter, pull out a service every few months and feature it in an email to help your community remember that you offer the service.

Don't forget to include testimonials in this email, as Parris has done here. This gives your prospective clients an idea of the benefits and results they can expect from working with you while building your street cred.

Source: Parrish Wilson, ParrishWilson.com

Why this works: This email works because it spells out which services you provide and how you help. It also helps you weed out the people who aren’t a good fit for your tribe. Remember you’re paying for your subscribers (unless you have a free account) and while quantity is great, quality is better.

Types of businesses that could benefit from using this email: Both product and service-based businesses.

Black Friday (Holiday) Promo

I love a good sale and I'm sure your clients do too. While I'm not telling you to discount your services or ask for less than what you're worth, I am suggesting that you go out of your way to thank your community.

LaShanda Henry of Sista Sense does this with her holiday big book. As an avid follower, I look forward to her annual Black Friday Big Book of value-packed offerings. Her ability to make the entire marketing strategy seem like it was created ‘just for you’ help set her apart and help promote exclusivity and scarcity.

Source: LaShanda Henry at SistaSense.com

Why this works: LaShanda doesn’t just tell you she’s throwing a sale. She takes it a step further and creates a Big Book for her subscribers (Think of Toys R Us’ Big Book only for entrepreneurs). It’s filled with her offerings (both old and new) and some of them are only offered for a limited time or being added to her vault.

This email works for retailers and eCommerce sites too. Take this email from Target.

Why it works: I practically live at Target. Between their app and my RedCard, every trip feels like Christmas to me. 

But, when I received this baby in my inbox, I had to click through to find something I wanted.

Who doesn't like saving money, especially when it comes to things you'd purchase anyway.?

Types of businesses that could benefit from holiday promotional emails (as the two pictured above): Product & Service-based entrepreneurs.

There you have it. 5 Emails Your Business Should Be Sending If You Want More Clients.

  1. Spots available
  2. Why didn't you buy
  3. What do you want
  4. Here's how I can help. Case studies.
  5. Black Friday (holiday) promo

Up for a challenge?

Take one of these emails and rewrite it for your business. Then, send it out to your list (Repeat after me. This email shall not collect dust on my computer).

I don't care if you have 8 people or 5K on your list, if you want more clients, get that email out this week.