5 Reasons To Make List Building A Priority

Are you on the fence about growing your list?

It can be hard to figure out why you need to build your list, especially if you have an abundance of clients. You may have questions like…

  • How can I make time for list building?
  • Why should I care about list building?
  • How will building my list affect my bottom line? I've got clients.

These questions come up all the time as I’m working with my clients, and I always walk them through a simple worksheet of potential results of successful list builders. Below, I’ve shared five of them to challenge any outstanding excuses/limitations/doubts you may have about growing your list.

Bigger, More Responsive Lists

It’s no secret – list building can make or break your business.

There’s a reason why every business coach under the sun is encouraging you to build a list. These experts know that having a big(ger), responsive list of quality leads can open doors for a business owner. From telesummits and speaking opportunities to other JV opportunities. Having a large(r) list is like the secret password to access the exclusive club of elite entrepreneurs. (I'm talking passive income, creating revenue on demand. The possibilities are endless.)

Take two of my clients, for instance. Both are successful life coaches. Both are passionate about their life’s work (and it shows in every signature talk, blog post, and client interaction); yet, only one was selected to participate in an industry-wide JV giveaway event.

Want to know what she had that the other client didn't? A massive list. The host required each participating expert have a list of 1500+ subscribers. 

While one of my clients had made list building a priority from the beginning, the other hadn’t and she had an unresponsive list of 200 subscribers. As a result, she lost out on an amazing opportunity that would have exposed her to some 15,000+ potential subscribers.

A Refined Niche

List building can help you refine your niche.

Wait. What? (I know. I know. Some coaches believe this should be a fundamental step that needs to happen first. Step 1: Discover your niche. Step 2: Start working with your ideal client.) But, some of us (myself included) don't take the normal path. Either we fall into careers or we find it hard to settle on one niche.

If this is the case, don’t fret because your subscribers will tell you what is important to them.

Want to know what your subscribers hold dear?

There are several ways to determine what your subscribers hold dear. You could conduct market research to determine which industry your clients are coming from primarily. This is as simple as asking your subscribers what they want. Create a simple survey and send it out to your list. Think of your subscribers as your personal focus group. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity by frequently asking them what matters and how you can best help them accomplish their goals. You’ll be amazed by how much you’ll learn.

become known as an authority

When you take a stance, dig your heels in deep and enlighten your ideal clients about a problem they didn’t even know they had, something miraculous happens.

(Wait for it…) your ideal client begins to take notice.

And, as they begin to connect with you, they’ll begin to share you with their friends and their friends friends – like high school gossip.

You can also combine list building with guest posting to build your street creed. Landing a post on a high-traffic, widely known blog can send tons of ideal clients your way if you do it correctly.

Subscribers make great customers

Why reinvent the wheel? The truth is it’s easier to convert an existing subscriber into a client than it is to find a new client from scratch.

Start off by sharing the problem and your services as the solution. You can test the waters with a bite-size-offer, an extension of your lead magnet or steps one and two of your eight step process.

A word of caution:

Notice, I’m not telling you to give away the top secret Coke recipe; instead, I’m asking you to authentically share something that can begin to help your ideal clients relieve their pain.

Take me for example, my ideal clients struggle with attracting clients. They fill this void with binge training and high-end coaching packages, but never really get to the root of the problem. Through my messaging and marketing, I help my ideal clients understand that the real problem is that you aren’t using list building to build your community, share your expertise, and convert subscribers into clients. I believe the money is STILL in your list, but you haven’t been taught how to access it. That’s where I come in. I help coaches and service professionals attract more leads and convert more business through authentic, simple, proven, repeatable marketing strategies and list building.

Drastic ROI

Listing building doesn’t have to be yet another complicated business process that you ignore or push to the corner of your mind. In fact, it’s easier than you think. The one term that will flip your negative mindset around list building is REPURPOSE.

Repurpose is the name of the game. This unique tactic can take various forms, based on your end goal. For instance, a health coach might take a popular blog post and repurpose it as a checklist or an info-product, or a lead magnet to seduce website visitors. On the other hand, a business coach may take a pre-recorded audio and give it away as a free gift during her next telesummit.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my top reasons to start list building now. Are you still on the fence about list building? Leave a comment below and tell me what you thought!