Landing Page Reboot: My Client's Webinar Signups Sucked
So I Made Lemonade

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Imagine that you create the perfect webinar (or so you think), but no one signs up.

That’s right. Crickets. Zip. Zero. Zilch sign-ups.

I’m embarrassed to admit it but I’ve been there before and so had my client Carol Ann (until we made some minor edits to her latest webinar last week).

Carol Ann is an amazing Visibility Strategist and Branding Expert with nearly 25 years of experience, needless to say, she’s amazing at what she does. But, her prospective webinar attendees were getting the message.

And to make matters worse, she’d only had 3 sign-ups over a five day period. YIKES.

She was doing all the right stuff (and had implemented everything we’d discussed) including Facebook ads, social media, emailing her list, leveraging affiliates and posting to webinar directories).

I offered to help her explore this further after I returned from vacation and what I discovered might surprise you.

Landing Page Reboot: The Findings

I reviewed her funnel and discovered that her ads were doing their job. They were getting traffic to the landing page, but when potential attendees landed on the registration page...they weren’t signing up. 

Turns out she was having a copy issue.

We weren’t able to do a complete overhaul. We’d lose too time and disappoint her subscribers, which wasn’t an option. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the three things that I did to improve her conversions:

1. Audit, Test & Tweak Your Landing Page Title. 

The first thing I examined was her title/headline.  

Here’s the old title.

Can you spot what's wrong with this title?

Wordy itle

The first title was too long. Subscribers prefer clean, simple and concise headlines. It’s ok to be clever and witty just as long as you know that there is a time and place for that. 

This is particularly important if you plan on using your webinar title as your facebook ad headline. If you’re going after cold leads, it’s more important to get them in your virtual door rather than give them a riddle they may lead them to your competitor's doorstep.

Low Headline Score

CoSchedule rates headlines from 0 to 100. The lower the score the less likely people are to click on your link or engage with your event.

The original title had a very low headline score, of 43. Ouch. I typically like to use headlines with a score of 70 or above.

Actionable & Results-Orientated

The old title was clever but it was so wordy that potential registrants probably didn’t bother to read the entire thing. #sorrynotsorry

Here's the new title.

Here's the new title.

The new title is concise and has a headline score of 74 which means it’s more likely to resonate with Carol Ann’s target market. Thus, they are more likely to click to learn more or even sign-up for a webinar with that title. 

The new headline is concise. The 'how to' lets attendees know that it’s going to be actionable and they can expect to learn how to use branding to attract high-end clients. It also focuses on her ideal client’s chief reasoning behind rebranding.

Most people come to Carol Ann because she’s an expert at what she does and because she knows how to help her clients create stand-out brands that help them get noticed and attract high-end clients with ease.

2. Create mouth-watering bullet points.

As they were written, the old bullet points wouldn’t motivate anyone to take action. 

They needed a refreshed. When I was crafting new bullets, I focused on creating intrigue and honing in on the key results her ideal clients desired results.

3. Infuse Story Within Your invitation Emails.

Though I was sure that I’d found the true cause of her poor conversions, I wanted to make sure I looked at the entire picture so I looked at her invitation emails, more than 180 people had opened the first message in the first few hours but they weren’t rushing to sign-up. 

I analyzed her copy and realized that it fell flat because it came off as cold, impersonal and dull. It didn’t sound like Carol Ann. She’s very warm and inclusive when it comes to sharing details with her community.

Did you know that email invitations are responsible for 58-64% of webinar registrations, compared to social media and search, at about 15%?

I took her emails and ran them through the headline analyzer that we’d used for her webinar title. Once that was done I took a closer look at her emails.

Having attended her webinar (and after going through a pre-webinar run-through), I’d heard her story and knew exactly why she was on a mission to help her clients go from best kept secret to confident, profitable business owners.

After I tweaked her subject lines and added stories to her invitation emails, her sign-ups doubled in less than two days. (I’ll take that.)

Semonna knows her stuff when it comes to writing copy; in fact, when I felt that my webinar registration page wasn’t as “juicy” as it should be, she came up with a new title and bullet points and helped me pivot the focus of the event. As a result of her expertise and insight, I’ve already more than doubled the number of signups that I had before making her changes.
— Carol Ann, DeSimine. Visibility & Branding Expert, The Sizzle System

Another fun + successful client project comes to an end. I’m looking forward to watching Carol Ann’s business grow in the months and years ahead.

Congratulations, Carol Ann!

If you'd like to learn more about Carol Ann, visit her website here.

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