Three Mistakes Service Providers Make When Trying To Grow Their Lists

If you've been trying to grow your list for months (if not years) and you're not seeing results, you're probably making at least one of these common mistakes. Learn how to turn it around with these suggested quick fixes.

#1 They take the set-it-and-forget-it approach to lead magnets. 

If you're making this mistake, you have created a lead magnet and put it on your site. Then, one of two things happened. Either you 1. Never changed it, despite the evolution of your products and services (leaving your subscribers feeling bamboozled) or  2. You believe that everyone wants your lead magnet.

Either way, I've identified three quick fixes to help you turn this around.

Quick Fixes to Help Your Lead Magnet Work for You:

1. Survey your community to determine their biggest challenges.
2. Check out your Google Analytics and determine your top posts. Then, turn them into content upgrades. 
3. Audit your lead magnet and determine whether or not it leads subscribers towards a specific info product or offering.

#2 They don't promote their lead magnet.

If you're making this mistake, you believe just having a lead magnet is enough.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but, that's just not the case anymore. Nowadays, you need to have several pathways to transform your browsers and one-time buyers into clients and loyal fans.

Infopreneur, Mentor & Blogger, Melyssa Griffin of (formerly the Nectar Collective) does an amazing job redirecting her Twitter subscribers to her newsletter list/community.

Melyssa Griffin's Twitter bio. Find her on Twitter at

Melyssa Griffin's Twitter bio. Find her on Twitter at

Caressa Lenae of does a great job getting promoting her membership site and waiting list (ahem, email list) on her Pinterest profile. Again, she's maximizing her social reach to get people back to her website and list.

Check out Caressa Lenae's amazing Pinterest boards at

Check out Caressa Lenae's amazing Pinterest boards at

Quick Fixes to Turn Browsers into Your Ideal Client:

1. Share your lead magnet everywhere.
Here are a few basic and free ideas to get you started. Add it to your email signature, your social media profiles, or use it as a part of a multi­-expert giveaway.
2. Optimize your social media profiles.
Put your social media profiles to work. Add a link to your lead magnet in the about section on your top social media platforms (or add a custom tab, when applicable)
3. Integrate list building with your other marketing activities
For instance, share your lead magnet during your local free talks. Also, if you network regularly, remember to share it via your business cards or within casual conversations. List building doesn't JUST happen online. :)

#3 They forget to ask for the sale.

Somewhere along the way, you've been left to believe that just having a list is going to put millions of dollars in the bank.

This isn't true.

There's money in your list BUT you still have to put in the work. You need to build community and make valuable offers.

Quick Fixes to Transform Your Bland List Into a Money-­making Sales Funnel:

1. Remember it’s OK to make money.
Kate Northrup shared the following affirmation, “I am in business to make money.” Say this daily.
2. Leverage email sequences (multiple autoresponders).
Use your email service provider to schedule five to eight email autoresponders.
3. Ask friends and colleagues to share/promote your lead magnet, products and/or programs everywhere. 

Tell me (1) thing you're going to do to grow your list this week. Take a moment & share it below.