Client Attraction & Visibility Booster


What if you could custom-design a client attraction strategy that didn’t eat up all of your time, focused on your unique strengths and didn’t leave you feeling like a cow herder?

Sound like a dream come true? Keep reading.

You’ve got a BIG message to share. You’re ready to go. But you know you need to grow your list so that you actually have people to educate and inspire.

What you need is a Done-With-You (DWT) solution that allows you to work alongside an experienced digital strategist, list building nerd and marketing mentor who has helped coaches and service providers use simple and purposeful list building strategies for the past three years. Someone who can show you exactly how to create your custom client attraction plan from start to finish.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have an appreciation for good marketing hacks, but have no idea how to create the leverage and freedom you crave

You have a lot of plans but you wind up just adding a bunch of tasks to your to-do list that don’t produce results. (You need another to-do like you need a migraine. Uh, no thank you.)

You’re creating a new course/program and are ready to launch. It’s GO time.

When it comes to getting new clients easier, you feel:

  • Overwhelmed by all the information out there and the time it will take you to get everything set up (uh, the learning curve is real).
  • Confused about whether or not a specific strategy will work for you (and align with your skill set and personality)
  • Defeated because every guru sounds the same and their advice doesn’t feel like it caters to your needs (You aren’t interested in another cookie-cutter strategies that appeals to the masses).
  • Inexperienced and ask yourself things like ‘how can I do this consistently without losing more sleep or time with my family?’ ‘What do I do after I get people on my list?’

I have the perfect solution for all that.


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It’s called a Client Attraction & Visibility Booster and it teaches you how to create a custom, 90-day marketing plan that’s unique to you - your business, your needs, your original approach to getting your business in front of your ideal clients.


No More Time-Consuming, Cookie-Cutter
client attraction Strategies

Give Me 90-Minutes And I’ll Help You Create A Plan To
Grow Your List, Create More Passive Income, Get Clients Easier and Share Your Messages.


A Client Attraction & Visibility action plan can help you:

  • Focus on the right marketing strategies based on your unique needs, skills and schedule.
  • Add more subscribers - faster. (I added my first 1K to my list in mere months after I customized my marketing strategy.)
  • Build community and trust versus adding sheer lurkers to your sales funnels (You’ll learn how to get in front of your ideal subscribers, how to determine their needs and how to test your offers (and actually make money.)
  • Utilize tools that work to simplify your to-do list.
  • Get known and approached by like-minded experts. (This is great for another looking to develop JV partnerships, get online speaking invitations and reach a larger audience.
  • Create a sales plan that aligns with your business-building goals.

Here’s what you get with a Client Attraction & Visibility Booster:

  • List Building & Visibility Booster 90-Minute Session. You and I connect on a recorded line to capture your big business vision, marketing goals, timeline, what’s worked and the best next steps to make it all happen.
  • Your customized Client Attraction & Visibility action plan within 72 hours. I uncover your preferred means of connecting with your audience and super charge it. (I’m talking repurposing, content upgrade ideas, sample social media posts - the WORKs.)
  • A 90-Day calendar outlining your action items and what to do when (so you don’t miss a thing.)
  • Checklists, templates, email sequences galore (You can swipe and use these resources to build your list and market your offers.)
  • A copy of the recording so you can focus on our session (without getting flustered over missing any tips or next steps.)
  • 1- 30-minute follow-up session (to use within 30 days) so you can ask me any lingering (or recent) questions and address any resistance or challenges.

Investment: $349

This is for you if:

  • You’re tired of being a best kept secret
  • You want to launch an infoproduct or service within the next 90 days
  • You’re ready to take control of your marketing and you need a place to start

This is NOT for you if:

  • You hate homework.
  • You think you know it all.
  • You are looking for someone to blame for your lack of success.