Mind Your Marketing Mastermind

A 14-week mastermind for women entrepreneurs who want to create passive income, share their message on autopilot, enjoy more freedom and get clients easier.

This is your invitation to...

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Imagine what it would look like to step out of the day-to-day grind of your life and business in order to FOCUS on the big picture, PRIORITIZE your work and CREATE a marketing strategy that acts as a dog whistle for your ideal clients. I get excited just thinking about all of the things you’ll accomplish in just one day.

If you:

  • Are an expert in your field, and you’ve enjoyed a great deal of success in the offline world, but now, you’re ready to turn sheer numbers into profitable results.

  • Have tons of ideas, but sometimes it feels like you have too many ideas to implement.

  • Want to create and launch a profitable eCourse but you can't figure out the back-end or the marketing side of things.

  • Hate get rich quick schemes, think procrastination is overrated and desire a simple marketing plan.

  • Fantasize about giving yourself paid time off.

...then the Mind Your Marketing Mastermind is just what you need.


  • You wake up every morning to an inbox filled with payment notifications.

  • You have a wait-list of clients excited and anxious to work with you.

  • You announce your latest program or service to your community and sell out in hours.

  • You receive an email from someone who has followed you for years and decides to create a new life based off your story and weekly blog posts - alone.

You’re cordially invited to up-level your marketing strategies for more income, more clients and more impact.


Payment Plans Available

Here’s what you can expect out of our time together

I believe in taking a holistic approach to marketing in order to help you get clients faster. Together, we’ll focus on the six pillars: email marketing, website optimization, analytics, landing pages, and virtual events to create a magnetic client attraction strategy.


  • Rewire your beliefs around money AND your abilities. 
  • Create a custom daily practice that cultivates abundance and unleashes your unlimited income potential.

Email Marketing

  • Build your list and learn to truly connect with your community.

  • Figure out what your peeps want so you can give it to them (at a fee, of course).

  • Develop your ongoing newsletter strategy so you can remain top of mind.

Website optimization

  • Implement some small tweaks to help make your website more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Make sure there is consistent messaging and a CTA on each page.

  • Revamp or create a lead magnet that attracts your ideal clients.


  • Start tracking your metrics in order to determine which activities are producing the greatest ROI.

  • Identify key metrics in order to determine the top posts and topics on your site.

Landing pages

  • Create an easy-to-duplicate, easy-to-implement landing page for lead magnet and your strategy session application page. This way you can still grow your list and attract leads, even if your site goes down (knock on wood).

Virtual events

  • Customize your webinar strategy, ensuring that you’re comfortable with the marketing and technology pieces.

  • Implement a proven webinar strategy to increase registrations, live attendees and conversion.

I want you to think of me as more than a business coach and digital strategist. I do more than just build lists and spew advice. I support ambitious, change-making, solopreneurs create big, responsive lists that allow them to connect with their ideal clients, grow their community, earn more and create a lasting impact.

Mind your marketing mastermind Includes:

  • 1 -hour kick-off devoted to your business exclusively. During which, we'll uncover the missing pieces needed to build your list and refine your marketing activities.

  • Client homework which includes worksheets so you can get clear on your big vision, desired income, ideal client, list building and marketing goals and offerings for the year.

  • Client Attraction, List Building & Visibility Audit from yours truly. I’ll help you understand what’s working, what’s not, and your best next steps.

  • 14 weeks of accountability to ensure you keep the momentum going. We’ll meet twice a week for 30-minutes to ensure you’re setting and meeting your goals + implementing.

  • Unlimited email access so you never feel alone as you implement your new plan.

  • Customized marketing plan so you never have to worry about feeling icky again. Together, we’ll create a plan that works with your personality and aligns with your goals.

  • Shared project management tool so you can track what's due and when.

  • Recordings from each weekly call.

You’re cordially invited to reboot your marketing strategies for more income, more clients and more impact.

Ready to get started?

Payment Plans Available

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