Online Resources Roundup

Online Resource Roundup: November 2016

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Business Resources

The Blog Makeover
With: Daniela Uslan
Price: $7
Description: Do you feel like your blog is as beautiful, magnetic, and engaging as it could be? If you think your blog needs a bit of sprucing up, check out The Blog Makeover. It's just $7, and it will make a huge impact on how your blog looks and feels.
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Skyrocket Your Referrals
With: Deb Brown
Price: Free
Description: Referrals are THE BEST way to grow your business. Referrals have greater sales conversions than other prospects. During this free webinar, you will learn: 3-steps to generating more referrals more consistently, how to identify referral partners for your specific business and the mistakes that may cause you to lose referrals.
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The Biz Boost Bootcamp for New Coaches
With: Barbara Luliano
Price: Free
Description: All coaches deserve to gain the confidence to start their business from scratch so they don't have to work unfulfilling jobs and lose their inner fire. The Biz Boost Bootcamp for New Coaches is a FREE 5-day video training that will help any coach get their business up and running (with $0 and in less than 15 minutes a day)! I'm gifting all new coaches with this bootcamp because I believe you don't need money to make money, what you truly need is the confidence to start.
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Life Resources

32 Tips to an Organized Home
With: Heather Davis
Price: Free
Description: Organizing your home doesn't have to take forever. These tips will help you take action today.
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